The value of doing more

Thomas Kinslow August 19, 2019

Reviewing true meaning of going the extra mile

The value of doing more

In today’s competitive landscape, one needs to do everything he or she can to remain one step ahead of the competition. From studying to preparing for exams to getting success in professional life to maintaining personal life happily – the phrase “going the extra mile” fits perfectly in every aspect of life. Some people often overlook the importance of doing more because of the determination, strong will and hard work it takes.

In reality, if one learns about the benefits of trying to go beyond his/her abilities, the motivation would come naturally. Here’re two key reasons why everyone should embrace this habit.

It brings more opportunities

In this age of so many distractions, it has become difficult to achieve success than earlier times. Today, success is more likely to come to those who’re willing to put that extra effort, ignoring the distractions. This additional effort can bring them to favorable attentions of those who’re ready to provide more opportunities.

It helps to develop a positive attitude

Those who practice the habit of doing more tend to be happier than those who don’t. This, in turn, enables the former to develop a positive mental attitude toward everything they do. And with a positive frame of mind, people can make impossible things possible.

Those who need a role model to get inspiration to go further beyond can follow Dewey Does, a 9-year-old boy who follows the motto “Dew 110%”. His 110% can-do attitude is a great example to follow for the youth today to attain success in life.



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The value of doing moreThe value of doing more

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