Evaluating Sports vs. Video Games

Thomas Kinslow July 15, 2019

Reviewing the difference between video games and sports

Sports vs. Video Games

These days, video games seem to be the preferred choice of many youngsters. As a parent, deciding amongst sports vs. video games could be a tough choice but if those who want their child’s health to benefit the most should definitely cast their vote in favor of outdoor sports.

Obesity is on the rise among young children and the reason could be attributed to a sedentary lifestyle. Playing video games (and munching on unhealthy fries, burgers, or sipping cola in-between) could be a significant factor triggering this worldwide malice. To help kids stay away from obesity and thus, a number of related health risks, it’s best to get them out on the field and encourage them to play active sport like football, baseball etc. One can take inspiration from how Dewey Does loves and enjoys sports to stay active and healthy.

The difference between video games and sports isn’t just limited to their indoor and outdoor nature. Unlike playing on one’s own (or even with a few friends while being cooped in one’s room), playing active sports with friends would teach the kids many important lessons – from discipline and teamwork to mutual respect and goal setting. The children will also learn to work towards a common objective, often putting the team’s needs ahead of their personal gains. This will teach them the true essence of sharing and caring, and help them grow into responsible adults, which is one of the major benefits of playing sports.

When it comes to comparing between indoor and outdoor games, the latter refreshes the mind, gives ample exercise to the body, and brings positivity into the kids’ life. These are just some of the reasons why sports will always have an upper hand in the battle of sports vs. video games.


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Evaluating Sports vs. Video GamesEvaluating Sports vs. Video Games

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