Parent Wit's - Do kids have 'Kid's Wit'?

Thomas Kinslow September 2, 2019

Reviewing ways to encourage your kid’s intelligence

Parent Wit's - Do kids have 'Kid's Wit'?

Kids are often wittier than they are given credit for. Though some may dismiss kid’s wit as an exception and not omnipresent, it’s important to notice those early signs and encourage the little one’s intelligence.

Those wondering how to do it can get some ideas from the way Dewey’s mom does it cleverly. Every Saturday, she makes Dewey handle certain chores despite him using a kid’s ingenuity to put up an ‘I’m not in the mood to do chores’ look on his face and a grouchy voice act. By making Dewey handle small chores, his mother helps improve his self-esteem, and even gives his intrinsic motivation to achieve a significant boost. This becomes evident when she asks Dewey to clean out the garage.

She suggests Dewey to involve some of his friends in the task and organize a yard sale to get rid of the unwanted stuff. However, it was the child’s inventiveness to do jumping jacks in his front yard to attract the attention of neighbors and passers-by and make them check out the stuff on offer for sale. Soon, the crowd started growing and Dewey again displays kid’s wit by calling in some more friends as reinforcements.

By giving their 110% percent, the kids make the yard sale a big success. Dewey end up selling all his old sports stuff and earns enough to buy the coveted Hawk baseball glove and even treat his friends to ice cream at the Doseville Ice Cream Parlor. And all of this happened because Dewey’s mother encouraged her son to handle a chore on his own and come up with solutions to solve problems as they crop up. Parents too can work on similar lines to encourage their kid’s creativity and resourcefulness.


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Parent Wit's - Do kids have 'Kid's Wit'?Parent Wit's - Do kids have 'Kid's Wit'?

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