Why authorities shouldn’t allow junk foods in schools?

Thomas Kinslow July 22, 2019

Reviewing impacts of unhealthy food consumption

junk foods

In childhood, a healthy diet helps to build the foundation for good health later on in life. Children are often willing to consume junk foods like crisps, cakes, candy, soda, sweets, and many more. Eating unhealthy foods puts children at a greater risk of developing various health problems that can sometimes lead to serious issues. That’s why schools shouldn’t allow junk food machines within their premises.

Here’re the key reasons why children shouldn’t be allowed to eat fast foods.

Low energy and concentration

Kids’ diet leaves a more significant effect on their overall wellbeing than many parents may think of. Junk foods are usually high in sugar content that drains kids’ energy levels and reduces their concentration for longer periods of time. These foods also don’t offer adequate energy for them to enjoy physical activities. The detrimental cycle goes on as kids’ energy gets further drained due to the overeating of such foods, thus leading to lethargy and fatigue.


These foods come with high calorie and fat content together with additives that keep the kids hooked. This can cause disturbed eating habits in kids. Compared to children who avoid these harmful foods, those who consume those foods regularly tend to consume less amounts of healthy foods like fruits, vegetables, milk etc, which are crucial for healthy growth. This triggers malnutrition and obesity among kids that can result in severe health issues with their development.

These are only two of the many negative reasons. In an effort to keep children away from these detrimental foods, parents should try to establish a healthy diet from an early age that, in turn, exposes them to an array of nutritional foods.



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Why authorities shouldn’t allow junk foods in schools?Why authorities shouldn’t allow junk foods in schools?

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