Does doing kids chores help in the kids growth?

Thomas Kinslow September 9, 2019

Evaluating key benefits of chores for kids

Does doing kids chores help in the kids growth?

Parents often don’t give kids chores as much importance as they should. However, allotting chores by age can help kids tremendously. An example can be found in the Saturday chores of Dewey Does. Since Dewey’s mother knows the benefits of chores, she makes him handle tasks every Saturday. One Saturday, she asks Dewey to clean out the garage and suggest even getting some of his friends to help him in the task. She even asks Dewey to organize a yard sale to get rid of the stuff he wasn’t using anymore and earn some money in the process, which he could use to buy the baseball glove he wanted. Dewey followed his mother’s advice and even used some of his creativity to make the yard sale a success. Taking Dewey’s case an example, here’s how chores help growth of kids.

Improved self-esteem

By completing chores usefully, the kids can enjoy a sense of accomplishment (like Dewey, who earned enough money to buy the baseball glove and give his friends an ice cream treat at the Doseville Ice Cream Parlor). This will give their self-esteem a big boost as they will see themselves as a contributing member of the family.

Learn teamwork

Handling the garage sale on his own would have been impossible for Dewey. But thanks to Trevor and Big Bang and later on, Shy Anna, Fussie Fran, and Cindi Joy who came in as reinforcements, the sale was a success and the unused stuff lying in the garage were gotten rid of. Similar kids chores can help the little ones understand the true meaning of teamwork, which would help them in their adult life.

Handling responsibility

From sorting things out for sale, to allotting specific tasks to his friends, to counting the money earned, Dewey did a lot during the yard sale. All these taught him a sense of responsibility. Parents can use similar tasks to educate kids on how to handle responsibility.


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Does doing kids chores help in the kids growth?Does doing kids chores help in the kids growth?

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