Different types of kid’s exercises

Thomas Kinslow September 16, 2019

Kid’s workout routine – key to healthy life

Different types of kid’s exercises

At the least, some type of physical exercise is extremely important for kids, regardless of their age. Unfortunately, some parents often try to refrain children from doing exercises because of the fear that they may get hurt. In reality, there’re lots of different exercises for kids that not only help the little ones stay active but also let them attain healthy growth in addition to learning several life skills. Here’s what an ideal kid’s workout routine should look like.

Warming up

It’s important to let the kids warm up before getting involved in any type of physical exercise. This should include a couple of minutes of light activity like bending, stretching, walking etc. The number of repetitions can be increased or decreased depending on particular circumstances.

Different types of kid’s exercises

There’re lots of physical exercises for kids than can be fun to them instead of feeling like strenuous workouts. These can be done in small periods of five to ten minutes or at a stretch for a longer playtime with periodic intervals. These include running, jumping jacks, lunges and squats, physical exercise games, alternate toe touch, and stair climber, among others.

An ideal kid’s exercise routine should always end with a cool-down session. This can be done by performing simple stretches to keep the muscles healthy and strong, and let them come back to a more relaxed state.

All the exercises mentioned above can improve cardiovascular functions and strength in children. However, the key lies in making the exercise routine well-planned, structured, and fun.


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Different types of kid’s exercisesDifferent types of kid’s exercises

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