Dewey Does Playground Memory Match

Thomas Kinslow May 6, 2019

Reviewing top 3 Memory Match Game benefits for children

Dewey Does Playground Memory Match

Kids today often prefer to sit glued to their television or smartphone or computer screens for hours at end. This not only affects their concentration and memory adversely but even makes them weaker physically due to lack of outdoor exercises and activities.

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Dewey Does 110 Memory Match is set to turn the tide for the better.

Reviewing top 3 Memory Match Game benefits for children

Dewey Does Playground Memory Match is a game that tests players’ memory and competitive nature. Those wondering what good it will do should know about the benefits of memory games for children.

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Since such games exercise the brain, they improve the child’s concentration and memory. This is specifically applicable in case of matching games like the Dewey Does game where sports and activity images need to be matched to move onto a higher level.

Dewey Does 110 Memory Match


Better attention span is another benefit that such games can bring one’s way.

Memory Game

Improved visual memory and faster-thinking skills are other benefits that games like Memory Match can provide the kids with.

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The memory match card game online can be downloaded and played on Android smartphones.

memory match card game online

Kids can pit themselves against others to compete and see who emerges as the winner. The highest scores get posted on the #Dew110 Leader Board.

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To move onto the higher levels in the game, the players will need to correctly match sports and activity images as displayed on their screens.

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To help the players reach the game’s higher levels, hints are available.

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The players also get the option of purchasing hints, if they want or need to.

memory match game online

As is expected, the higher a player goes, the more difficult the game becomes.

dewey does game

Health and fitness trivia are hidden behind each level of the game.

dewey does game online

The rich visuals along with the engaging and immersive experience of this game are sure to inspire kids to go out and get involved in a sports or other outdoor activities of their choice.

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Dewey Does - Memory Match Game by Dewey Does
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Dewey Does Playground Memory MatchDewey Does Playground Memory Match

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