DD has sports equipment superhero friends – Who would be yours?

Thomas Kinslow August 5, 2019

Reviewing the importance of super heroes in getting kids into sports

DD has sports equipment superhero friends – Who would be yours?

Usually a kid’s key form of interaction with the world is done through physical play and touch. They pick things up, examine them, and start learning the exhilarating sensation. Principles like fun, friendship, and teamwork arise naturally from these activities. When it comes to pushing kids into sports, many parents often struggle. While some kids gravitate toward it naturally, others may not demonstrate much interest. In such a scenario, kids’ favorite sports equipment can come to the parents’ rescue.

For parents who often have difficulty in keeping their children excited about sports or fitness, here’s an example of Dewey Does – the featured character in the Dewey Does 110 animation series. Dewey is a nine-year-old boy who loves everything sports. When he was a baby, Dewey’s parents noticed that he would show special interest in toys that were related to sports. He would actually start crying if any of his toys didn’t resemble any sports equipment. Dewey gets his passion for fitness, activity and sports from a lot of entertaining gym friends. His sports equipment friends are like super heroes and are capable of taking on the personality and attitude of their respective sport as well as where they originated from. Each story of the animation series typically starts with Dewey and his gym and sports equipment friends.

Like Dewey, every child can happily get into sports and fitness activities. It’s up to the parents to encourage them and do their best to maintain the fun and excitement related to those activities.



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DD has sports equipment superhero friends – Who would be yours?DD has sports equipment superhero friends – Who would be yours?

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