The Comeback:Heroes Start as Kids (Book 3)


The Comeback is the third installment of the Heroes Start as Kids series that has Dewey facing in a serious problem with his family. Again, he turns to his most trusted friends for support. The book is filled with lessons in which any person of any age can learn from. The Comeback leaves you with a message that conveys the importance of trusting your friends and appreciating their faithfulness through any kind of difficulty.

Book Reviews

“Dewey Does is a real inspirational book for all kids.”

Book Review CaféAthena, Oregon

“The Comeback shares with the reader many lessons to which anyone, regardless of their age, can relate. The greatest message of the book, in my opinion, is when the author chooses to teach about placing faith and trust in our friends, proving that our truest friends will remain faithful through any forms of adversity.”

Jill EisnaugleAuthor of Coastal Whispers

“The Dewey Does series is inspiring kids around the country, and probably around the world, to follow their dreams and break through any challenges. I had a good read. Highly recommended for kids and adults of all ages.”

Larry M. GuinGrapevine, Texas

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Get the cobwebs out of that brain of yours. It’s another great day.” As Grandpa left my room he said, “Breakfast in ten minutes!” I pushed my covers off, swung my legs around and put my feet on the floor. Then I just sat there. Boy, did I feel tired. Usually when I wake up I feel real good. You know, like I’m ready to go, like I’m ready to smell the new day. I didn’t feel that way today.

I began to feel better, like I wasn’t so tired now. Everything was going to be okay. I was going to be all right. I was going to figure this thing out. Even if Dad was a bank robber, well . . . I loved him and I knew he loved me.

I was afraid he was going to ask that. I didn’t want to say too much. Maybe Grandpa didn’t know about Dad’s bank robbing stuff. I mean if all the time I didn’t know, maybe he didn’t know. Maybe only Mom knew. Maybe it was Mom’s secret.

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