In the Groove:Heroes Start as Kids (Book 2)


In the Groove is the second book in the Heroes Start as Kids series. Dewey is faced with a depression from losing a big basketball game. His friends help him overcome this challenge together with his new neighbor, Clyde (also known as Big C. Clyde or Big Bang) who is a musician and is bigger than most of the kids of his age.

Dewey’s adventure with his friends continues in the second book with a story that draws readers in as Cooper and Kinslow keep their interest piqued all throughout the story.

Book Reviews

“Dewey Does is a good role model to the kids. This is by far the best book for children that I’ve read. I’ve enjoyed reading the book and my four-year-old son would enjoy this as well.”

Patricia M. JonesAthena, Oregon

“Highly recommended. This book encourages kids to go out and play sports and also give them the right mindset and values. I will for sure buy a copy for my daughter and also for my friend’s children.”

Bessie N. EdwardsOverland Park, Kansas

“A delightful book, filled with life’s lessons and realism, In the Groove would be an excellent addition to any child or school’s library.”

Jill EisnaugleAuthor of Coastal Whispers

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There comes a point in every sport when you’re alone. A play has to be made and you have to make it. Our basketball team’s best player is Bobby Logan, he’s big and boy can he shoot. Bobby went right to the basket, put the ball up; it hit the backboard and fell right through the hoop.

Then Coach Tom looked at the other four of us. “I want you to find Dewey and get the ball to him.” As soon as I heard my name my hands began to sweat. Not that I wasn’t sweating all over from just playing hard, but now my hands were turning into Niagara Falls. Why me?

Coach Tom was talking to me. “Listen to me, Dewey! One shot doesn’t win or lose a game. We missed a lot of shots in that game. You just happened to miss the last one and only by half an inch. You played a great game and should be proud of yourself. You showed me a lot.”

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