First Day:Heroes Start as Kids (Book 1)


Dewey Does, a nine-year-old boy sets an example for his peers, doing things that he loves to do and gives it his 110 percent. In school, he promotes health and fitness to other students. Written from Dewey’s perspective, the book is filled with inspiration in which children can learn from. Readers will feel Dewey’s warmth and truthfulness as he shares each of his experiences with nothing more than the heart of a young boy. The story of Dewey engulfs readers—young and young at heart alike.

Book Reviews

First Day will leave young readers looking eagerly toward the next Dewey Does adventure!”

James CoxMidwest Book Review

“While Dewey Does books are quick reads, they pack a big punch. Dewey shares his life, at a level all young children can relate to.”

Alyice EdrichAmazon customer

“Highly recommended reading.Dewey’s voice is authentic easily & understood. First Day is a perfect gift for all kids in third grade as well as fourth, any time of the year!”

Rebecca BrownEditor

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I said a minute ago, “It doesn’t get any better than this.” Well I was wrong! Who’s coming out of the dugout to pinch hit for Collins except Big Mr. D himself! Just listen to the crowd. They’re going absolutely wild. There’s not a person in the stadium in their seat. They’re standing and you can’t hear yourself think, as The Big Man pulls himself toward the plate. You can see the pain in his face, how he can even walk is a miracle.

They call it, The Fall Classic! That’s baseball talk for The World Series. In the World Series the two best teams in Major League Baseball play a series of games against each other. The first team to win four games becomes The World Series Champion of Baseball.

This year the two teams playing each other had many good players on each team. But each team had one great player. One had a pitcher they called, “The Hawk.” He was the best pitcher in baseball. The other team had a player they called, “Mr. D.” his real name was Dewey Does. He was the best hitter in baseball.

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