Why kids should have a sports passion like DD?

Thomas Kinslow August 13, 2019

Reviewing key importance of kid’s sports

Sometimes, children face attention and learning issues, which make the parents feel that the kids aren’t good at anything. But it has often been observed that those kids do extraordinarily well when it comes to playing sports. In this scenario, parents should continuously support the sports passion in their child . . .

DD has sports equipment superhero friends – Who would be yours?

Thomas Kinslow August 5, 2019

Reviewing the importance of super heroes in getting kids into sports

Usually a kid’s key form of interaction with the world is done through physical play and touch. They pick things up, examine them, and start learning the exhilarating sensation. Principles like fun, friendship, and teamwork arise naturally from these activities. When it comes to pushing . . .

Value of youth fitness

Thomas Kinslow July 29, 2019

Reviewing benefits of youth fitness

Though almost everyone understands the importance of youth fitness, in reality, it’s often overlooked. This negligence can be triggered by a lot of things, from the lack of educated approaches, and time management challenges, to the fear of injury, and much more. There isn’t any shortage of reasons when it comes to re . . .

Why authorities shouldn’t allow junk foods in schools?

Thomas Kinslow July 22, 2019

Reviewing impacts of unhealthy food consumption

In childhood, a healthy diet helps to build the foundation for good health later on in life. Children are often willing to consume junk foods like crisps, cakes, candy, soda, sweets, and many more. Eating unhealthy foods puts children at a greater risk of developing various health problems that can sometimes l . . .

Evaluating Sports vs. Video Games

Thomas Kinslow July 15, 2019

Reviewing the difference between video games and sports

These days, video games seem to be the preferred choice of many youngsters. As a parent, deciding amongst sports vs. video games could be a tough choice but if those who want their child’s health to benefit the most should definitely cast their vote in favor of outdoor sports.

Obesity is on the ri . . .

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Evaluating Sports vs. Video GamesEvaluating Sports vs. Video Games

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