Dewey Does Playground Memory Match

Thomas Kinslow May 6, 2019

Reviewing top 3 Memory Match Game benefits for children

Kids today often prefer to sit glued to their television or smartphone or computer screens for hours at end. This not only affects their concentration and memory adversely but even makes them weaker physically due to lack of outdoor exercises and activities.

Different types of kid’s exercises

Thomas Kinslow September 16, 2019

Kid’s workout routine – key to healthy life

At the least, some type of physical exercise is extremely important for kids, regardless of their age. Unfortunately, some parents often try to refrain children from doing exercises because of the fear that they may get hurt. In reality, there’re lots of different exercises for kids that not only help the li . . .

Does doing kids chores help in the kids growth?

Thomas Kinslow September 9, 2019

Evaluating key benefits of chores for kids

Parents often don’t give kids chores as much importance as they should. However, allotting chores by age can help kids tremendously. An example can be found in the Saturday chores of Dewey Does. Since Dewey’s mother knows the benefits of chores, she makes him handle tasks every Saturday. One Saturday, she asks . . .

Parent Wit's - Do kids have 'Kid's Wit'?

Thomas Kinslow September 2, 2019

Reviewing ways to encourage your kid’s intelligence

Kids are often wittier than they are given credit for. Though some may dismiss kid’s wit as an exception and not omnipresent, it’s important to notice those early signs and encourage the little one’s intelligence.

Those wondering how to do it can get some ideas from the way Dewey’s mom does it . . .

Impact of coaches on youth

Thomas Kinslow August 26, 2019

Reviewing importance of effective coaching

Sometimes, people tend to use the terms “youth coaches” and their professional peers interchangeably. In reality, they’re completely different. While professional coaching is all about business, effective coaching is supposed to be about the development of children. Though often underestimated, youth coaching . . .

The value of doing more

Thomas Kinslow August 19, 2019

Reviewing true meaning of going the extra mile

In today’s competitive landscape, one needs to do everything he or she can to remain one step ahead of the competition. From studying to preparing for exams to getting success in professional life to maintaining personal life happily – the phrase “going the extra mile” fits perfectly in every aspect of . . .

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The value of doing moreThe value of doing more

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